Betsy DeVos Helps Children Get Educated

Education is one of the most important things in the lives of children and Betsy DeVos knows that the right education can mean the difference in being able to succeed and having to deal with struggles for the rest of their lives. Children who are able to get a great education will actually be able to have better lives than children who do not. All of the educational proponents that go into different schools are based on just a few different learning personalities but Betsy DeVos knows that there are many more that people can make sure that they are getting so that they will be able to get more out of the options that are available to them. Thanks to her efforts, she is working to make sure that children are able to learn no matter what even if they do not have a lot of money or families who are able to afford these opportunities.

The majority of people who have been in the secretary of education position have wanted to focus on higher education. This is great because it allows people to get a true education and gives them the best ideas possible with the options that they have. The problem with that, though, is what about the children who never make it to that point? There are thousands of children each year who come from public schools and don’t graduate because they do not have the resources that they need to make things happen in the best way possible.

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The solution to that, though, is creating more educational opportunities for those children. Betsy DeVos knows that it would be impossible for their parents to pay for a great education. For that reason, she created the voucher program over 20 years ago that allows children the chance to make sure that they are getting the best education possible. Children of impoverished families receive vouchers. They then use these to apply to a private school where they are able to get an education that is much better than a public education. It is something that allows them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their families.

While Betsy DeVos saw a lot of success with the vouchers, she also wanted to make sure that children have even more opportunities. Charter schools were created as part of an initiative that DeVos came up with and that gave many people the chance to make sure that their children were getting a great education. These charter schools proved to be one of the best options to families who couldn’t afford private school but who wanted to show their children that there are schools better than traditional public schools. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Save the Earth through Eco-Friendly Tourism

Some places on earth are disappearing due to environmental changes. This has made ecotourism destinations to become more popular and very important because these sites allow travelers to have a view of some of the most extreme and breathtaking natural wonders around the world. When visiting these places, tourists have to act in a responsible manner and the money received is used for preserving and conserving the natural environment.


Some of these destinations include the Amazon Rainforest which has suffered a lot from climate change and the encroachment of man. Natives who are tour guides take tourists around the forest to enjoy its beauty and as a return get cash to take care of the forest.


Galapagos Island, on the other hand, has been stated the first ever natural World Heritage Site because of amazing and unique fauna that refer the archipelago as home. The Directorate of the Galapagos Natural Park has put in place a visitor management system to make sure that natural areas are respected and conserved. Necessary measures have also been taken to reduce waste in the villa where tourists stay.


Another area is the Antarctic, which remains one of the places that are least touched on earth because you can only visit the island during summer. Thousands of tourists make trips via boats each year to see the whales, icebergs, and penguins. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operations targets to promote environmentally responsible practices when traveling on the continent. These are among the many eco-tourism destinations that aim at conserving the environment.


Work Done by Wild Ark


Wild Ark was started by a group of passionate conservationists, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, who were committed to helping educate people about the wilderness and working to ensure that our earth is protected for future generation. Wild Ark is mainly concerned about the threats facing the wild places in the world. Wild Ark was established to find ways that will conserve nature and make a difference.


The mission of Wild Ark is to protect the components of recognized green belts on earth so as to conserve the wealthy biodiversity of these regions to save the wildlife. Also, the organization aims to create research as well as experience opportunities for mankind to reconnect with the natural environment and to be encouraged to care for it.


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Rick Shinto: Remaking Managed Services Without Compromising Quality

InnovaCare is a provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. At the time when physicians prefer to accept patients with private insurance, InnovaCare prides itself in providing cost-effective health care which is accessible to the average person. As such, InnovaCare offers less expensive healthcare options without sacrificing quality of service.

Since 2012, Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Puerto Rico affiliates offer MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. Further, InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans in Puerto Rico, within the Government Health Plan (GHP).

In Dr. Shinto’s prior position, he acted a the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc., and at Aveta, he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for New Jersey. He also was awarded the Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Health Care Executives.

Before being named CEO of Aveta Inc., Dr. Shinto served as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Dr. Shinto was the COO and Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. The VP of Medical Management for Med Partners from 1996-1997, and became the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California.

His extensive expertise in the practice of medicine and management qualified him to offer advanced technologies to InnovaCare.

Dr. Shinto was granted a Batchelor of Science from the University of California at Irvine, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, awarded him a medical degree and received he was awarded him a medical degree and received a business education (M.B.A.) from the University of Redlands.

InnovaCare’s mission is to redefine Healthcare management. He has performed scholarly work publishing articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. Dr. Shinto’s management style requires accountability and a high standard of transparency and quality. His mission is to coordinate quality care to patients across North America. InnvaCare has received accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA is a non-profit independent organization which assesses and reports on the quality of healthcare plans, such as InnovaCare. InnovaCare’s quality assurance of service has proven to meet or is beyond NCQA’s guidelines.

InnovaCare Health promises that quality care for its patients is its primary goal. InnovaCare’s quality health care is considered efficient, its physicians are results-oriented and its management teams is dedicated to managed care and sustainable healthcare services.

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George Soros Makes a Comeback to Politics in USA

The election season in the United States of America brought many changes with it. It has also brought back one of the strongest and most active political contributors back in focus. Mr George Soros used to be everywhere – on the tv screens, in newspapers and magazines. A few years ago, however, he lowered his presence significantly.

Mr Gorge Soros is a multi-billionaire that is included in the list of 50 richest people alive. He owns a leading company called Soros Fund Management; he is an investor, a philanthropist, and a writer. Mr George Soros is currently 85. He was born in 1930 in the capital of Hungary. His name used to be George Schwartz, but his father changed the family name to Soros when the former was at the age of six. During that time the German Nazi was a major force in Europe. The family was Jewish and they were being prosecuted although his parents were non-practising Jews. When Mr George Soros was a young boy, he was taken in by a Christian household. His father bought forged documents for him that gave him a false name and stated he was a Christian. The family split up to have a higher chance of survival. Many years later the Soros family was able to get back together in England. Mr George Soros started university in London. He graduated the London School of Economics. Learn more about George at Biography.

The election in the United States of America has Mr George Soros coming back to the scene decisively. He was among the strongest contributors to the Democratic party and their political campaign. Mr George Soros donated more than $20 million to Hillary Clinton and other candidates of the Democratic Party. There were donations for many charitable causes as well.

Among the organisations that received donations from Mr George Soros is Priorities USA Action. The organisations received more than seven million. Priorities USA Action supported Hilary Clinton during the election season. American Bridge 21st Century also received a donation – $2 million. Mr George Soros also donated $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win. Several democratic committees received donations of $700 thousand each. Voting Rights Trust received a donation of $5 million. Learn more on about George Soros.

Mr Michael Vachon is the political advisor of Mr George Soros. He spoke in front of the media about the return of his employer to the political scene. Mr Michael Vachon talked about the values of Mr George Soros and how human rights and minority rights are among his most dear subjects. Mr George Soros had seen a threat to that valuest in the opposition of Donald Trump. That had inspired him to make a quick comeback to U. S. politics and to take part in the election campaigns of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

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Bob Reina Is Someone You Can Believe In

In today’s world, it is very, very hard to find people to believe in and good people. They are becoming fewer and far between. That is why when the world finds someone special like Bob Reina, they really stand up and take notice. They are honest and one of a kind. They do not come along every day. He is the founder and creator of Talk Fusion, which is the very best in voice, data, and chat. As a matter of fact, they won two awards in 2016 from a media giant for their progress in this area. They are always tinkering with the product to make it as solid as possible.

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Right now, many believe, and they would be right to believe, that Talk Fusion is at its very best. They have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of these are for people that are looking to get ahead in the 21st century and make a solid living for their families out of the comfort of their own home. It is not unusual anymore for people to work from home. It is happening more and more these days for people out there. They are looking for a new way of living and a new way to make money.


This is money that is well earned and well deserved. They really appreciate it because it comes from their own idea and their own business. That is how Bob Reina likes it. He enjoys when people start something up on their own and see it through all the way. He just gives them the proper tech services to do so, and they do the rest on their end. Of course, if they have any questions, they can ask the top notch customer service team at Talk Fusion, which is always ready and willing to answer any and all questions a customer might have to get the most of the product.


If someone is looking for something or someone to believe, they don’t need to look any further than Bob Reina. He is a real man’s man and an honest businessman.


Working From Home With Traveling Vineyard

When it comes to direct sales the Traveling Vineyard may be one of the best companies for people that are trying to sell wine. This has become a powerhouse company where independent wine consultants have the ability to earn a sales commission for their hard work.

The Traveling Vineyard has given a lot of people that like to mingle and socialize the opportunity to be a decent career without getting tied down to a schedule. This can be a very profitable business for anyone that likes to educate people on wines through wine pairing. This is about the easiest way to make money. These are exclusive wines, and consumers want to try these wines that they have never experienced before. That is why there is a lot of potential for people that are interested in becoming their own boss.

The hosting parties provides a chance to clients to taste new wines and find out about certain specials that can earn them free wine. A guess that buys 11 bottles at a wine tasting event, for example, will get a free bottle of wine. There are an assortment of ways that people can save money, and one of these ways includes getting guests to book for a wine tasting party.

The people that work as consultants can get perks as well. There are inventive based vacation trips. This is in addition to the profits that are made through work as a consultant. When people exceed their sales requirements for the month they can earn a free vacation, and that excites many consultants.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Scaling the Heights in the Beauty Industry

Most people wear makeup so as to hide their flaws. There are some who wear makeup so as to gain a bit of confidence and boost their self-esteem. Whatever your reasons for wearing makeup, you should be able to get a product that helps you express yourself and look good in the process. One of the products which have helped women feel and look their good is Lime Crime.

If you are looking for makeup which is bold and vibrant, you should check out Lime Crime products. They have been designed for those ladies who embrace color and fun. The good news is that you can find anything, from eye makeup to lipsticks. The products are not only colorful but they are cruelty-free and as natural as they come.

Doe Deere: The Face of Lime Crime

Most of the people who use Lime Crime products use them without knowing the brains behind the products. Doe is a name which not many people relate with. For those who do not know who Doe Deere is, she is the CEO as well as founder of Lime Crime.

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Doe Deere was born in Russia before she moved to the United States with her parents. She was raised in New York. When she was younger, she did not have any interest in fashion and beauty. However, her interest in the two started developing as she grew into a young adult and she even started posting online videos of her own DIYs and tutorials.

The story of Lime Crime’s conception is interesting. When asked how she came up with the products, Doe confirms that it was the need to come up with products that represented her style which pushed her in that direction. When she decided to launch her own makeup products, she was selling clothes online, on eBay. This was back in 20014, when she created an account on eBay for her DIY fashion line. She realized that she did not have makeup options which would go with her clothes. That was when she decided to create her own.

Lime Crime Range of Products

Whether you are looking for matte lipsticks that would go with a black or white dress, or you simply want eye makeup that will pop, Lime Crime has a range of products that will speak to your taste. Their products are designed for people of all skin types and complexions.


Samuel Strauch – Real Estate Agent With Extensive Network In The Miami’s Housing Space

The real estate market has been going through a rough time in the past few years because of the global economic slowdown. The investors weren’t getting the returns they desired, and the buyers and sellers were not able to get good deals. It led to the real estate market being sluggish for the last few years but is now finally showing signs of improvement.

The Miami, FL region, in particular, is showing better results regarding real estate investments than other real estate markets, especially because of the foreign investments flowing in the area. Many Mexican investors are putting their money in the Miami’s real estate to increase their capital, and it has resulted in the median price of houses in the region to increase substantially as well, which is a good sign for sellers and investors.

Samuel Strauch is one of the most respected real estate agents and investors in the Miami, FL region, and believes that to make gains in the housing market, one has to have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the housing market. And, Samuel Strauch is blessed with both the micro and macro understanding of the property market in the region, and over the years, has helped many clients make lucrative real estate transactions under his watch. The extensive network of Samuel Strauch in the real estate market of the Miami, FL region is also one of the factors that help him to ensure his clients get a good and bargain deal always.

Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent with the popular Affinity Realty Group and also serves as the principal of the Metrik Real Estate, which deals in brokerage, equity and development and property management. He is the go-to man for any real estate services in Miami’s real estate space.


Leading Inmate Provider Customers Solve & Help Eliminate Telecommunications Threat

If you’re familiar with the Securus Technologies name, thousands of people trust them for their surveillance and monitoring features that ensures the safety of the general public. They provide an interactive network that guarantees customers receive every minute under their contractual agreement. You’ll have the benefits of talking to the ones you love while spending less. Securus Technololgies is also known for their high level of customer support that gives customers the option of live assistance or reliable online representative. Their customers have used their innovative technology features to spot a few irregularities within the network. Securus customers are proud to have the opportunity to solve and prevent telecommunications crimes that can cause an increase in inmate calling fees.


Leading Inmate Communications Providers Is Award The Stevie Award


Customer service is a top priority with Securus Technologies and has recently allowed them to win the prestigious Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie Award is the highest honor given for customer service excellence. A winner is chosen from a panel over seventy-five judges. Securus is known for the huge platform that allows customer service feedback options for their customers securely on their website on through their 800 number.


Advanced Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features allows love ones, friends, legal counsel, or potential housing prospects to leave them a message at any time. For a small $1 dollar fee an inmate never has to miss another important message again.


Online Visitation


You have the option of visiting your love ones in a correctional facility on special occasions including Christmas. Experience a high definition video that gives you complete control over the picture and the sound. For a small processing fee you can visit your love ones over the internet at anytime.


Become a part of Securus Technologies by visiting their exclusive website for more details.


Arthur Becker Builds TRIBECA Building Under His Name

The sprawling expanse that is New York City is home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse neighborhoods. Within the boroughs themselves, each city block carries with it the individual flavor created by the people who choose to call New York City home. And as each neighborhood has its own unique storied past, each neighborhood is finding a new future with developments and development plans springing up in every part of the city.

The developments and the increase in value they bring to the neighborhoods they belong to have shifted some of New York’s roughest corners into diamonds.

In an article on Madison Partners, the newest development plan to spring up is happening in the trendy area of Tribeca and is funded by none other that Arthur Becker himself. The one-time investor and owner of a nut orchard has had his name associated with some of the biggest developments to take place in New York City within the last decade.

Though for his latest venture in Tribeca, Arthur Becker is carrying the weight himself. Becker is planning to build an eight-unit apartment complex in one New York’s trendiest neighborhoods. The development which plans to include a penthouse suite sitting atop the new building is expected to sell for over $50 million dollars.

Though that should come as no surprise to those who have been keeping an eye on the developer’s successful career. Becker has had his name attached to some of the most lucrative real estate developments throughout his entire career and has even invested an estimated $550 million in development within New York alone.

The development worth over $50 million happening in Tribeca is scheduled for a relatively short amount of time of construction in spite of the expensive price tag associated with the property.

Who is Arthur Becker?

According to, the man behind the latest development in Tribeca has almost as storied a past as the neighborhood. Originally finding success within real estate, particular the sale of 18th-century homes, Arthur Becker went on to find further success within the tech industry as CEO of two separate organizations. If you would like to learn more about Arthur Becker and his Tribeca development please visit

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