The Art of Making Edits to Wikipedia

As a source of information, Wikipedia is exceptionally valuable. From college students seeking research material for a term paper to a journalist checking on facts, Wikipedia always has information to offer. Not everyone is thrilled, however, with some of the material published on the site. That is fine. Wikipedia has no rules barring someone from joining the site and contributing.

Wikipedia revisions are frequently made to enhance accuracy. A public figure might notice something is not entirely correct in an entry related to him or her. Staff will be dispatched to make the changes. The edits are sometimes used to straighten out “troll” entries that are deliberately false or malicious. In general, edits made by responsible people ensure the content on the online encyclopedia remains professional and correct.

And then there are weird edits made by – shockingly – congressional staffers. Congressional members are not always thrilled about the way they are depicted on Wikipedia. Sometimes, directions are given to make changes. Once in a while, these Wikipedia edits are silly or melodramatic. A special Twitter account has been developed to keep tabs on all the changes – both logical and funny ones – initiated in the halls of Congress.

In a way, it is hard to blame politicians for being overly cautious about their image. Nothing should be overlooked when trying to maintain a proper image or else negative results can emerge. When you make a Wikipedia page you cannot always avoid controversy. Those who want to maintain an expertly-crafted and noncontroversial Wikipedia page do have to stay on top of its content. Taking one’s eyes off a particular page opens the door for third-party contributions that won’t be appreciated. The added content might even be incomplete or outright inaccurate.

As an aside, it should be mentioned the quality of the Wikipedia page should be solid to begin with. Re-editing the page is not a bad idea, but making changes to a poorly written page only partially solves the problem. A complete rewrite of the content should be undertaken when you update a Wikipedia page. An even better plan would be to outsource the task to skilled professionals.

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