Betsy DeVos Is Appointed Secretary of Education to Help in Education Reforms

Behind the excitement in being elected the 11th secretary of education in the United States of America, is a hard working woman who has committed three decades to giving children and parents a voice to be heard in the education systems. Betsy is the current secretary of education. She has been a great brand ambassador for children. Her passion roots from developing reforms that helps the under-served children in gaining a high quality education. Betsy’s passion of improving the education systems in America began at a tender age through her mother, who was a teacher at a public school. At that age, she was confronted by reality.

Education Reforms

When she sent her children to school, she was surprised to discover that not all kids enjoyed the resources that other schools provide for students. It, therefore, meant that not all kids had the luxury to enjoy better education systems. A testament to her feeling on the subject of quality education, Betsy took it upon herself to develop better education systems. She saw the work of the leaders in her hometown while trying to develop education reforms for children. Through that, she decided to join the team in fighting for the American dream. Follow Betsy DeVos on


Fifteen years into her first step towards reforming the American education system, Betsy has been a school mentor for children who are at risk. She practices mentorship through Grand Rapids in Michigan, a group of public schools. Betsy has positive interactions with teachers, children, and leaders in the schools. She is a leader set out to encourage parents by empowering children. She has worked in support of creating new education systems across 25 states, in addition to the District of Columbia. After her appointment as the secretary for education, DeVos is set to work with President Trump closely. The aim of this close association is to develop equal opportunities of quality education to children in the United States of America.

State Of The Art Education

Betsy Devos is a firm believer in equality. She is of the opinion that the ZIP code of a child’s residence or the income of a child’s family should not determine the quality of education accessed. Betsy’s primary focus is getting a world-class system of education for all children in America. Her roles as the secretary of education include being an advocate for education reforms through the government. She is well placed to fight for the rights of children to access a state of the art school system.

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Education and Charity

Apart from being an education system reformist, Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist. She closely works with her husband Mr. Dick DeVos in offering millions to charity organizations. Before she hit news headlines for being appointed the secretary for education, Betsy was prominent for donating millions towards charity. The alumnus of Calvin College located in Grand Rapids is a bachelor holder of arts.

Betsy DeVos Helps Children Get Educated

Education is one of the most important things in the lives of children and Betsy DeVos knows that the right education can mean the difference in being able to succeed and having to deal with struggles for the rest of their lives. Children who are able to get a great education will actually be able to have better lives than children who do not. All of the educational proponents that go into different schools are based on just a few different learning personalities but Betsy DeVos knows that there are many more that people can make sure that they are getting so that they will be able to get more out of the options that are available to them. Thanks to her efforts, she is working to make sure that children are able to learn no matter what even if they do not have a lot of money or families who are able to afford these opportunities.

The majority of people who have been in the secretary of education position have wanted to focus on higher education. This is great because it allows people to get a true education and gives them the best ideas possible with the options that they have. The problem with that, though, is what about the children who never make it to that point? There are thousands of children each year who come from public schools and don’t graduate because they do not have the resources that they need to make things happen in the best way possible.

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The solution to that, though, is creating more educational opportunities for those children. Betsy DeVos knows that it would be impossible for their parents to pay for a great education. For that reason, she created the voucher program over 20 years ago that allows children the chance to make sure that they are getting the best education possible. Children of impoverished families receive vouchers. They then use these to apply to a private school where they are able to get an education that is much better than a public education. It is something that allows them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their families.

While Betsy DeVos saw a lot of success with the vouchers, she also wanted to make sure that children have even more opportunities. Charter schools were created as part of an initiative that DeVos came up with and that gave many people the chance to make sure that their children were getting a great education. These charter schools proved to be one of the best options to families who couldn’t afford private school but who wanted to show their children that there are schools better than traditional public schools. Visit Betsy‚Äôs profile on

George Soros Makes a Comeback to Politics in USA

The election season in the United States of America brought many changes with it. It has also brought back one of the strongest and most active political contributors back in focus. Mr George Soros used to be everywhere – on the tv screens, in newspapers and magazines. A few years ago, however, he lowered his presence significantly.

Mr Gorge Soros is a multi-billionaire that is included in the list of 50 richest people alive. He owns a leading company called Soros Fund Management; he is an investor, a philanthropist, and a writer. Mr George Soros is currently 85. He was born in 1930 in the capital of Hungary. His name used to be George Schwartz, but his father changed the family name to Soros when the former was at the age of six. During that time the German Nazi was a major force in Europe. The family was Jewish and they were being prosecuted although his parents were non-practising Jews. When Mr George Soros was a young boy, he was taken in by a Christian household. His father bought forged documents for him that gave him a false name and stated he was a Christian. The family split up to have a higher chance of survival. Many years later the Soros family was able to get back together in England. Mr George Soros started university in London. He graduated the London School of Economics. Learn more about George at Biography.

The election in the United States of America has Mr George Soros coming back to the scene decisively. He was among the strongest contributors to the Democratic party and their political campaign. Mr George Soros donated more than $20 million to Hillary Clinton and other candidates of the Democratic Party. There were donations for many charitable causes as well.

Among the organisations that received donations from Mr George Soros is Priorities USA Action. The organisations received more than seven million. Priorities USA Action supported Hilary Clinton during the election season. American Bridge 21st Century also received a donation – $2 million. Mr George Soros also donated $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win. Several democratic committees received donations of $700 thousand each. Voting Rights Trust received a donation of $5 million. Learn more on about George Soros.

Mr Michael Vachon is the political advisor of Mr George Soros. He spoke in front of the media about the return of his employer to the political scene. Mr Michael Vachon talked about the values of Mr George Soros and how human rights and minority rights are among his most dear subjects. Mr George Soros had seen a threat to that valuest in the opposition of Donald Trump. That had inspired him to make a quick comeback to U. S. politics and to take part in the election campaigns of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

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