Advantages of Diversifying Investment Portfolio with Precious Gold | US Money Reserve

Precious gold is one the most coveted metals on global markets used by investors and future retirees for long-term or short-term profits. People purchase bars and coins for various reasons; including to diversify and balance investment portfolios and as collectibles. Since the gold standard ended in 1971, the commodity metal marked a time in history the price of gold increased consistently. Although, economic conditions and interest rates influence whether the price of gold goes up or down, many hedge fund managers and investors rely on it as a safe haven. Gold volatility in 2016 didn’t have an impact on the purchase of gold among traders because of its advantages.



Investors invest into gold primarily for diversification of existing investment portfolio to meet their long-term goals and safeguard overall invested assets. The objective is to enhance and protect performance of an investment portfolio by allocating two percent up to 10 percent to gold coins and bars. Today, working Americans are moving their 401K and IRA into self-directed precious metals IRAs to diversify portfolios and have complete control of their assets. Gold holds its value and is easily convertible to cash in most countries and continents. Its liquidity has the advantage of providing needed income during extreme inflation and economic crisis.



The best advantage of gold investment is that it hedges against inflation which causes the value to rise and stability. In 2017, sources are predicting gold is the best investment with the highest turnaround when the SPDR Gold Trust ETF GLD – 0.62 percent is used as a proxy. It reveals there is an increase in gold by seven percent in 2016. Experienced investors know the best time to invest into gold and other precious metals by observing global economies conditions. The best time to purchase gold is when a nation’s currency devalues due to inflation and a decline in the stock market.



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