Save the Earth through Eco-Friendly Tourism

Some places on earth are disappearing due to environmental changes. This has made ecotourism destinations to become more popular and very important because these sites allow travelers to have a view of some of the most extreme and breathtaking natural wonders around the world. When visiting these places, tourists have to act in a responsible manner and the money received is used for preserving and conserving the natural environment.


Some of these destinations include the Amazon Rainforest which has suffered a lot from climate change and the encroachment of man. Natives who are tour guides take tourists around the forest to enjoy its beauty and as a return get cash to take care of the forest.


Galapagos Island, on the other hand, has been stated the first ever natural World Heritage Site because of amazing and unique fauna that refer the archipelago as home. The Directorate of the Galapagos Natural Park has put in place a visitor management system to make sure that natural areas are respected and conserved. Necessary measures have also been taken to reduce waste in the villa where tourists stay.


Another area is the Antarctic, which remains one of the places that are least touched on earth because you can only visit the island during summer. Thousands of tourists make trips via boats each year to see the whales, icebergs, and penguins. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operations targets to promote environmentally responsible practices when traveling on the continent. These are among the many eco-tourism destinations that aim at conserving the environment.


Work Done by Wild Ark


Wild Ark was started by a group of passionate conservationists, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, who were committed to helping educate people about the wilderness and working to ensure that our earth is protected for future generation. Wild Ark is mainly concerned about the threats facing the wild places in the world. Wild Ark was established to find ways that will conserve nature and make a difference.


The mission of Wild Ark is to protect the components of recognized green belts on earth so as to conserve the wealthy biodiversity of these regions to save the wildlife. Also, the organization aims to create research as well as experience opportunities for mankind to reconnect with the natural environment and to be encouraged to care for it.


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