The Advantages Of Being A Customer And Working For The Traveling Vineyard

Customers of the Traveling Vineyard are offered great convenience and free samples of wine.

Traveling salesman at The Traveling Vineyard, bring wine into your home for you to sample. The best part is that these wines are free for you to try. Another benefit is that the salesman or wine guides as they are officially known, will also bring along snacks and other foods that pair well with the wines as well. This will be free for you to sample as well.

As a customer of The Traveling Vineyard, wine guides will not only offer you the chance to sample wine at no cost and with no obligation to purchase, they will also educate you. You can find out which wines are best suited for dinner, with meat and cheese dishes and etc.

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The Traveling Vineyard is a company run by wine lovers for wine lovers. You will only be offered high quality wines that meet exceptional standards in taste, freshness and quality. All wine will also be delivered straight to your home and must be signed off to ensure actual delivery and freshness.

The Advantages Of Being A Salesman At The Traveling Vineyard

Salesman at The Traveling Vineyard are free to set their own schedules. There is no fixed schedule that must be adhered to. You can work only on the weekends, on weekdays or whenever you feel like it. Another perk is that wine guides at The Traveling Vineyard are provided with samples of wine to share with their customers.

Drinking wine and food that pairs with it is perhaps one of the best benefits of the job. You get paid to drink wine with your customers. Another advantages is that becoming a wine guide is very easy and and has a low down payment or cost to get started.