Do Employers Pay Attention To Your Online Presence?

Are you looking to apply to more jobs this year hoping to land a good high paying opportunity? Are you a good person but you aren’t sure about what your online presence says about you? According to Forbes’ latest article on social media and online reputations, it’s becoming increasingly more common for employers to chase down potential candidates with their online reputations and search them before actually considering them for a position.

Based on the studies conducted by, it was said that about 75 percent of HR departments are actually required to search up the candidates online before ever considering them for hire. Just a few Google searches about a person will pull up many different things. 75 percent of employers have said that they rejected a candidate because of what they saw online. Your social media also plays a huge role. This can be true for both small positions and even higher up executive positions, which require more deep investigating about the person currently being hired. To answer the question, the answer is a definitive yes to the fact that employers always pay attention to what your online presence is currently at.

A huge portion of people will say that they will type in their names onto Google and they will not like what it says. It will usually pop up with negative records about them or articles from awhile ago that genuinely aren’t of top quality. Social media posts and other images could also be found. The truth is that employers do pay attention to what is said about you on the web. You need to know how to protect your name. It’s the one thing you can take ownership over.

So you’re probably wondering what you can do to fix this. Simply remove photos you don’t want of you online. You can also try to remove any public records of you on the web. Just a bit of tweaking to the search results onto Google and you should be fine. Working with an online reputation management agency firm is also very helpful if you have the cash, but that’s usually for businesses.