Dr. Rick Shinto and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides Form the Capable Management Team at InnovaCare Health Solutions

The success at InnovaCare Health Solutions can be attributed to the capable leadership team at the firm. At the helm of the company sits Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Penelope Kokkinides hold the Chief Administrative Officer position. The pair has demonstrated their expertise in the contribution they have accorded to the development of the firm. Under their watch, InnovaCare Health Solutions has grown to a reputable organization in managed healthcare sector.

Dr. Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto boasts of over two decades experience in clinical and operational healthcare. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Irvine. His medical Doctor degree is from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He then attended the University of Redlands for his Master’s in Business Administration. Dr. Rick Shinto began his career in Southern California where he worked as a pulmonologist and internist. He then joined MedPartners as the Corporate Vice President before moving to Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. His next position was that of the Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. He then worked for NAMM as the Chief Medical Officer and later for Aveta Inc. as the Chief Executive officer. Dr. Rick Shinto’s expertise has led him to win prestigious awards. He won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has an experience of over 20 years in the managed care sector. She also boasts of massive know-how in government programs and clinical programs development. She joined InnovaCare Health Solutions last year as the Chief Administrative Officer. Before joining the firm, she worked for Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. Her former roles include the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare. She has also worked for Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice, holding senior positions. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the Binghamton University. She then attended the New York University and Columbia University for a Masters in Social Work and Public health respectively.

InnovaCare Health Solutions

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a managed care firm based in Puerto Rico. It is one of the leading companies in the industry offering Medicaid, Provider Networks, and Medicare Advantage plans.InnovaCare Health Solutions has continued to be innovative in developing affordable healthcare models. The firm has grown to a network of over 7500 providers and a customer base of about 200000 members.

Copa Star Provides Exclusive And Unique Care To The Patients

The renowned Copa Star Hospital came into existence after three years of its establishment in the great city. It is located to the south of Rio. This hospital has got excellent quality service, luxury, and comfort. It has got an advanced technology.

It has an excellent construction and is just like a 5-star hotel and is a part of the idea that Rede D’Or Sao Luiz in its business. The Star Cup has got a technological creativeness. The Smart hospitality system enables the patient some degree of autonomy that may not be experienced in some other hospitals. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

It is entirely feasible to have a great conversation with the doctor to get adequate attention from the nurses. The technology is there in the mechanization of the features of the bed. It has got an application of the Star hospital. An intern may alter the room lighting along with the doctor.

The investment is more than 400 million dollars, and it began in the year 2013. Mr.Moll who is the founder of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz mentioned that the business is a great option for the people of Rio to get service.

We have got great care and some complicated surgeries in the Star Cup. The patient is required to move to Sao Paulo. The Star Cup makes the reunion possible for the expert staff with the hotel accommodations. We develop an environment that blends the technology with immense comfort. It is a highly individualized service.

There is also a region for the health experts. The building passageway has an excellent air. The network depended on a project of aromatization.

The Copa Star Hospital team had been trained for at least two months with different simulations and tests. Actors have various emergency circumstances so that all the aspects are in complete detail. The Star Cup team has over 550 employees, and at least 113 are doctors. The professionals have been duly trained to get to the patients regarding the type of makeup to utilize.

The Rede D’Or St. Louis plans to make a complete expansion of the new idea of the hospitals to some other centers of the nation. The construction of the new D’Or network unit is underway in Copacabana. You need to be a star. The hospital Copa Star has to be functional on the side of Joseph Bloch and is to open in the later part of the year 2016.

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/830536903661271/photos/pb.830536903661271.-2207520000.1461972021./1031507453564214/?type=3

The modern decor and design will suit the 5-star hotel. We will have the most modern things in the Star Cup on the equipment like operating rooms and neurosurgery rooms with robotic medicine and telemedicine. A highly creative approach in Latin America assures the director of the Hospital Copa D’Or. The state of the art technology is the best in the hospital.