Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Scaling the Heights in the Beauty Industry

Most people wear makeup so as to hide their flaws. There are some who wear makeup so as to gain a bit of confidence and boost their self-esteem. Whatever your reasons for wearing makeup, you should be able to get a product that helps you express yourself and look good in the process. One of the products which have helped women feel and look their good is Lime Crime.

If you are looking for makeup which is bold and vibrant, you should check out Lime Crime products. They have been designed for those ladies who embrace color and fun. The good news is that you can find anything, from eye makeup to lipsticks. The products are not only colorful but they are cruelty-free and as natural as they come.

Doe Deere: The Face of Lime Crime

Most of the people who use Lime Crime products use them without knowing the brains behind the products. Doe is a name which not many people relate with. For those who do not know who Doe Deere is, she is the CEO as well as founder of Lime Crime.

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Doe Deere was born in Russia before she moved to the United States with her parents. She was raised in New York. When she was younger, she did not have any interest in fashion and beauty. However, her interest in the two started developing as she grew into a young adult and she even started posting online videos of her own DIYs and tutorials.

The story of Lime Crime’s conception is interesting. When asked how she came up with the products, Doe confirms that it was the need to come up with products that represented her style which pushed her in that direction. When she decided to launch her own makeup products, she was selling clothes online, on eBay. This was back in 20014, when she created an account on eBay for her DIY fashion line. She realized that she did not have makeup options which would go with her clothes. That was when she decided to create her own.

Lime Crime Range of Products

Whether you are looking for matte lipsticks that would go with a black or white dress, or you simply want eye makeup that will pop, Lime Crime has a range of products that will speak to your taste. Their products are designed for people of all skin types and complexions.