Financial Expert Brian Bonar Capitalizes on Fine Dining

Looking at the career of Brian Bonar takes an inquisitive mind. Because if anything he’s a man of many talents, for starters he served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar is often regarded as a financial expert. For most these accomplishments alone, would be enough to summarize their life’s work. But, we’re not talking about the “average” corporate leader. Bonar career spans 30 years and he also has a Bachelor’s and a Doctors of Philosophy Degree from Stafford University.

Besides his current roles, he’s also held other positions including Director of Engineering, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing; as well as founding his own company, Bezier Systems.

Bonar’s extensive work history reveals that his interests are not limited to one career field. As an entrepreneur, he founded Trucept Incorporated. Trucept provides human resources and payroll solutions for small to medium size companies. They also manage employee benefits, taxes and payroll for temp-to-long term staffing.

When he’s not handling matters related to employee benefits, Bonar is seldom idle. He’s used his talents to start multiple successful businesses throughout his lifetime. However, he long held an interest in opening his own restaurant.

To found a company involves taking different elements from your background and combining them in a meaningful way. But when you open a restaurant, it requires a synthesis of all your talents, pooled into one place.

Brian Bonar opened Bellamy’s near San Diego, California. The exact location is Escondido and it has a reputation of attracting people who love glitz and have money to spend. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Bellamy’s in many ways caters to that lifestyle. Beginning with a look at the menu, one can quickly see that Bonar loves world class food with a twist. The modern cuisine is infused with French inferences. Its main area is the restaurant with a lounge for night time entertainment. Opened Monday through Saturday, you will find smoked salmon spread, yellowtail crudo and Moulard Duck Breast. But, locals like traditions and Brian Bonar offers $3 Taco Tuesdays for those who enjoy basic fare.

Brian Bonar runs a fine dining establishment, offering live music nightly in the lounge with drink specials and house favorites. And just this year, Bonar’s restaurant won Winner of the Diner’s Choice; chosen by three established Open Table Fit for Foodies locations.

The locations that selected Bellamy’s as favorite place to dine were: Californian in North San Diego and Fit for Foodies in North San Diego and San Diego. In addition, there have been other accolades for Brian Bonar’s first restaurant, which have included the Best Kept Secret chosen by Ranch & Coast magazine.