Bob Reina Uses Talk Fusion to Unravel the Potential of Video Marketing

Talk Fusion is a global leader in Video marketing. The company was founded by Bob Reina, who also serves as the current CEO. Recently, Bob made a comeback as the guest author to MarTech Advisor. He first published an article in 2016, which was titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits”. In his second article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” Reina precisely explores the fastest emerging video styles and techniques of 2016 and their role in the marketing industry in 2017. According to Forbes, this captivating article is one of the top ten publications that were read and shared on social media by chief marketing officers. The piece is also expected to be shared on MarTech Advisor’s 1.1 million subscribers and readers across the globe.


Mr. Reina was excited about his return to MarTech Advisor. He pointed out that the platform offers him an opportunity to share his insights to readers, which is important in understanding why video is necessary when executing a marketing strategy. The goal of his second piece is to share key tips with readers on how to execute video marketing strategies in order to harness full benefits presented by 2017 and future video advertising trends.


The idea of video email marketing came to Bob’s mind in 2004. The untapped potential of online video is what sparked his interest in using video as a medium for marketing. Based on market analysis, consumer trends and video’s growing popularity, Mr. Reina passes his ideas to the company’s IT team. Reina is also a contributor for The Huffington Post.


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a firm offering innovative video marketing services. Talk Fusion has been ranked seventh globally among the largest video communication companies. Before launching Talk Fusion in 2007, Bob worked as a Tampa Bay Police Officer. He gained a lot in marketing experience while serving in the force by working as a part-time Marketing Associate. Later, he abandoned his full-time career to venture into business. Bob is also committed to giving back to the community through charity donations. He has been a great inspiration to many aspiring business people. Learn more:

Dr. Rick Shinto and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides Form the Capable Management Team at InnovaCare Health Solutions

The success at InnovaCare Health Solutions can be attributed to the capable leadership team at the firm. At the helm of the company sits Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Penelope Kokkinides hold the Chief Administrative Officer position. The pair has demonstrated their expertise in the contribution they have accorded to the development of the firm. Under their watch, InnovaCare Health Solutions has grown to a reputable organization in managed healthcare sector.

Dr. Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto boasts of over two decades experience in clinical and operational healthcare. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Irvine. His medical Doctor degree is from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He then attended the University of Redlands for his Master’s in Business Administration. Dr. Rick Shinto began his career in Southern California where he worked as a pulmonologist and internist. He then joined MedPartners as the Corporate Vice President before moving to Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. His next position was that of the Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. He then worked for NAMM as the Chief Medical Officer and later for Aveta Inc. as the Chief Executive officer. Dr. Rick Shinto’s expertise has led him to win prestigious awards. He won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has an experience of over 20 years in the managed care sector. She also boasts of massive know-how in government programs and clinical programs development. She joined InnovaCare Health Solutions last year as the Chief Administrative Officer. Before joining the firm, she worked for Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. Her former roles include the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare. She has also worked for Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice, holding senior positions. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the Binghamton University. She then attended the New York University and Columbia University for a Masters in Social Work and Public health respectively.

InnovaCare Health Solutions

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a managed care firm based in Puerto Rico. It is one of the leading companies in the industry offering Medicaid, Provider Networks, and Medicare Advantage plans.InnovaCare Health Solutions has continued to be innovative in developing affordable healthcare models. The firm has grown to a network of over 7500 providers and a customer base of about 200000 members.

Securus Technologies Hunting Dangerous Criminals

When my agency gets the call that a violent criminal is roaming the streets, we drop everything and focus our efforts on preventing crimes and making the streets safer. The trouble that we had this week was this suspect we had to hunt was a loner, meaning he had no friends or family that could harbor or aid him to stay out of our reach. Knowing how violent this suspect was, we took every chance to utilize any resource in our arsenal.


There was little hope that an informant was going to come forward because it appeared he had gone deep in hiding. Without family and friends, he could be hiding somewhere in plain sight until the heat died down. If he was to wait us out, he could be up and out of the city undetected by morning light.


The local jail recently installed the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, and although we knew the suspect was on the loose, we thought we might be able to get an inmate to help point us in the right direction with little persuasion. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, they are currently in over two thousand jails, and the motto of the entire organization is to make the world safer for us all. This was the perfect resource for helping my team locate and capture a dangerous suspect.


Our presence must have really stirred the pot because those inmates were rushing to the phone and talking about our suspect hours after we left. We received an alert that our suspect was being discussed, and we listened carefully to what the inmates were saying. One inmate talked about how the suspect was as good as caught staying with an inmate’s sister, while another spoke about how he planned t leave the city the following week.


Paul Mampilly – One Of The Most Sought After Investment Professional In The United States

The research service owned by a leading hedge fund manager and a financial analyst, Paul Mampilly, recently achieved a significant milestone of crossing its subscriber base to more than 60,000. The Profits Unlimited research service of Paul Mampilly has become highly popular in recent times because of its in-depth reviews and insight about the financial and stock market, which helps the institutional investors as well as retail investors to make strategic investment decisions. Profits Unlimited with over 60,000 subscribers now has become one of the fastest growing newsletters in the investment sector.

Paul Mampilly has over two decades of experience working in the hedge funding and investment industry, has worked for major financial and banking institutions like Deutsche Bank, Kinetics International, and ING. Working at some of the biggest investment and banking firms has helped Paul understand the dynamics of the financial markets. It is this experience that he brings to the table when it comes to managing and editing the Profits Unlimited newsletter. He shares his experience and knowledge through the newsletter, which has been pretty accurate compared to many other newsletters in the industry.

Paul Mampilly is also famous for him winning the competition organized by the Templeton Foundation, where he managed to push the $50 million investment to $88 million in a short period when the financial market was sluggish, and the global economy was going through the term of recession. Paul Mampilly collaborated with the Banyan Hill Publishing recently to start the newsletter by Profits Unlimited, which is targeted towards the common men of the country who are looking for insight on how to make profitable investments.

Paul Mampilly suggests a stock pick in each of the newsletters of Profit Unlimited, which is a monthly newsletter. He also provides stock picks every weekly, and demonstrates through a model portfolio on his website how the stocks he suggested are doing. Paul Mampilly has developed a unique investment method that he has drawn up for close to three decades of experience in the financial sector. He is also the founder of a professional investment coaching and consulting service named Capuchin Consulting.

The U.S. Money Reserve’s Advice: Buy Gold

The U.S. Money Reserve is an expert company when it comes to gold and making sure that wealth is protected. They have a lot of buying options for people who want to be able to get more out of the experiences that they have and they do what they can to show people that there are new opportunities that they can enjoy from the experiences that they have.

It is something that has allowed the company to grow and something that has made it easier for them to be able to offer more to all of their clients. The company wants to give people all of the chances that they need to be successful and they also want to help others with the gold options that they can use. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

For The U.S. Money Reserve, there is so much more to protecting wealth than just buying gold. While they know that gold buying can be a huge part of the process, they also know that making sure that people have exactly what they need to protect themselves in the event of economic issues is another aspect of the protection and something that will allow them the chance to enjoy everything that they can.

While The U.S. Money Reserve is a gold company, they offer more than that. They want to show people that they can get more out of the options that they have and they also want people to be able to have a better experience while they are working for success in the industry.

As the company has grown, they have learned that there are better opportunities in the places where they are at. They want to show people that they can get exactly what they need from gold buying and that they will be able to enjoy every aspect of the experience.

For The U.S. Money Reserve, people buying gold is just another part of their business.

They know that it is important but they also know that people need to make sure that they are protecting themselves. Gold is a good purchase for anyone who wants to be able to protect their wealth because it holds its value during times of economic collapse.

People who buy gold will be better protected during trade wars and in times of crisis with the economy around the world and in the United States through different opportunities that people have with it.

The Rowing Team of Orange Coast College

Rowing is one of the few amateur sports left. And this sport still reigns supreme at California’s Orange Coast College. The college is justly extremely proud of its rowing team. This particular rowing team is legendary.

They have been winning awards and accolades for many years. Earlier this month they competed in the Nationals at Lake Lanier, Georgia. The novice crew is captained by 22-year-old Daniel Amado. But he has even bigger ambitions. After leaving Orange Coast College in a few years, he will be joining the rowing team at the University of Washington which is an even more legendary rowing team. In fact, they are seen as one of the best ever.

The team has a history of great coaches, as well. Their current coach may be the best. Steve Morris is the men’s assistant coach at the college. His day starts very early: 5:30 a.m. At that time he drives to Newport Harbor. At 6:30 a.m. practice starts.

He has followed this schedule six days a week from August to May almost entirely interrupted since the early 1990s. Prior to his coaching years he served as the OCC team’s coxswain. Coxswains are the team members who sit in the rear of the boat yelling directions to the rowers. During those years in the 1980s, he learned everything he needed to know about coaching from Dave Grant, who served as both head coach and the president of OCC.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 in Southern California. It sits on a 164-acre campus just a few minutes from the beach. Today it enrolls an average of 25,000 students per semester. It offers over 135 academic and career programs. About half of its students every year enroll in one of its Career and Technical Education programs.

It is number one in the county among colleges that transfer its students to the University of California and the California State University. Thousands of its students have successfully transferred to these universities and other universities across the nation. Orange College is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Arthur Becker is a Man of Vision

Arthur Becker is a tech mogul turned real estate investor. He bought technology companies in the early 2000’s and among his tech holdings he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zinio and the CEO of NaviSite, a company that provided technology and application management. He also served as the senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion Company. After NaviSite was sold in 2011, Becker took to the real estate industry. He is also a bit of an artist and his office is home to his art workshop and displays of his paintings and sculptures.

He was always a silent partner in his real estate dealings, but he took on 465 Washington Street in New York and made it the first development he has handled himself. He developed eight luxury condominiums with a selling price of more than $52 million. He invested in 10 Sullivan Street, also in New York. The project is a 16 story condominium building developed by Madison Equities. The developers transferred three of the condominiums to Becker in exchange for his share in the project.

Arthur Becker is also a collector. He collects ancient currencies from several African countries and often reproduces them into his art sculptures. His office is adorned with his original art sculptures of gold bars stacked like Jenga pieces and crumpled cash. Arthur Becker also creates origami pieces from paper money. His art endeavor has been successful as he has sold some of his creations. He also exhibits his work at his Sullivan Street project.

According to Curbed, he has incorporated pieces of the Magic 8 Ball, a toy he played with as a child, into his art. He would add pieces of the ball onto his paintings and origami money pieces. As a child, Becker would consult the Magic 8 Ball to find out what the future held for him. For him, the ball represents decisions and those decisions are finding its way into his art.

One of his investments as a young man was in a macadamia farm in Hawaii. Orchards with homes were built on the property and contracted with Mrs. Fields to take the nuts of his hands for her cookies. Mrs. Fields eventually bought the nut farm. To this day Becker still enjoys an occasional Mrs. Fields cookie.

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Once Again At Madison Street

As expected, the year 2017 is a great year for the investment banking firm we all know. Madison Street Capital reputation is one that everyone, employee, leader or specialist in the work of finance is aware of. It doesn’t take much to find out exactly who this firm is. During the Awards Gala during March or 2017, Madison Street Capital soared.


The agency was awarded Restructuring Deal of the Year. The one thing we’re always assured of is that Madison will go home with one award if not three or four. But it’s not the agency’s sole focus. Taking home trophies has little to do with the agency’s motivation. As the world’s leading investment banking agency, we only suspect a greater future within coming months.


The firm created its powerful reputation from offering international services and without bias or prejudice. In fact, it’s the firm’s ability to operate with an undying ambition that enables it to overcome what most agencies don’t have the internal will to accomplish. And this isn’t to suggest that other firms are incompetent.


We’re only highlighting the merits of MSC.


From black-tie galas to formal yearly ceremonies, Madison Street Capital is to be name remember long after it day. So let’s take a quick look into the firm and identify what services and skills the agency has. It’s just so happens to be a unique blend of financial and investment that MSC has when no other agency does.


We therefore start our discussion with the intricacies of the firm and what its team accomplishes. First consider that Madison Street Capital takes in clients of all background, financial status and education levels. This includes a financial advisory service which enables private and public clients to obtain highly strategic and applicable concepts.


These concepts come from tedious hours that the agency spends in research, collaboration and blueprinting. What often results are usable strategies that other agencies can’t reproduce or even come close to mimicking. The additional services that the agency has are based on this same strategic model.


That model takes into account Madison Street Capital’s team who all work together to provide the most strategic services and those backed by the best in the industry.


Visit for more information.


Jeremy Goldstein and Associates

People who live in the New York State area have a new way to find a lawyer for their legal needs that is easier than ever before. Such a service has existed for quite some time, only up until now you could only do it through a telephone service. The service has been around for 35 years and there is nothing wrong with using it, it’s great. But there is another wat of convenience if you prefer not having to make a phone call. The New York State Bar Association is credited with launching the portal which grants individuals a personalized way of attaining a lawyer. They have teamed up with in bringing about this exciting new feature to their existing service.


The process is incredibly easy to use. All you must do is quickly fill out an online form via the online portal and a rep from the New York State Bar Association will match you with the right lawyer for the job. They will provide you with a referral to a lawyer near you that can give you legal advisement in whatever area you are seeking. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Oh and all lawyers available to help you are reviewed by the bar association to make sure that they’re in good standing so you can trust that you’re working with the best of the best.


Jeremy Goldstein is a very influential law man. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of the firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Him and his associates have aided some of the worlds biggest businesses in important business proceedings.


Jeremy Goldstein went through much schooling before starting his own firm. He has earned several degrees from three different major universities. It is no wonder accolades have come his way after such school and training.


To learn more visit


End Citizens United

End Citizens United, a democratic political committee focused on getting big business out of Washington, is raising a lot of money for the upcoming elections in 2018. So far, they have raised $4 million, but expect to raise $35 million by the 2018 Congress elections. Donations to the organization are rising since the 2016 election, where they were able to raise $25 million.


Roughly 100,000 people have donated to the Democratic group, 40,000 of them for the first time. The PAC’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, has said the groups’ initiative is to elect “campaign-finance reform champions” to work inside Congress. Mueller has reported that on average people are donating $12 per person. She says people are feeling as though the system isn’t working for them because big money is controlling the way laws are being established in the country, and the only way to fight back is to have an organized push against the people who are doing harm to the country and its people.


The name, End Citizens United, comes from a Supreme Court ruling which allows unlimited donations and spending by super PAC’s. The traditional way to operate a political group is to limit the amount any one individual can donate to $5000, and this is how ECU operates. Regardless of the limitation the group was able to raise enough money to align itself with many of the top Democratic-aligned groups of the 2016 elections. They believe in grassroots activism, because it comes straight from the American people and not from big business invested in creating more money for themselves.


The most recent post, on May 19, 2017, to the End Citizens United website, “ECU Statement on Groundbreaking TIME Report on Russian Interference in 2016 Election” reveals investments Russia made to ad’s on social media outlets to influence the public’s opinion. Muller has expressed her feelings, saying the current campaign finance laws are contributing to the vulnerability of our democracy in the United States. She states that when big money or the Russians are allowed to spend freely on political ads, it influences the public in ways that is detrimental to the integrity of the election process. Muller suggests having disclosure laws that prevent big money and especially foreign countries from unfairly influencing the elections of the US. Muller defines “untraceable spending in our elections” as a possible threat to the integrity of the U.S. democracy.