Nathaniel Ru: From a College Senior Student to Sweetgreen’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder

According to the article on [email protected], during his senior year at the Georgetown University based in Washington, Nathaniel Ru together with his friends used to have trouble finding a place that was healthy, fun and easy to eat. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

They wondered whether the answer was in a tavern on M Street in the center of the downtown area. While Nathaniel was at a Wharton Marketing Conference, he stated that it did, after six years, the eatery they launched in the area on M Street became the 21-store farm-to-fork style restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen. Read more: Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

It happened that the tavern space landlord was also the owner of the apartment building that was just around the corner from where Nathaniel and his friends stayed.

Nathaniel recalled that he called the landlord to explain what they wanted to do, and she hung up. One of his friends or Nathaniel proceeded to call the owner daily for almost 30 days before she eventually agreed to meet them and talk.

That was the first as well as the last time Nathaniel wore a suit when going to a business meeting. That time, they had three pages of their business plan, they had decided to name the place greens. He thought that possibly one page of that plan was financials.

The landlord told the three young men to find an architect as well as some business backers and return with a real plan. They took almost a month to find an architect and some backers.

Nathaniel was thankful that the landlord, presumably against her better judgment, agreed on helping the college seniors’ youths without any previous experience of running a restaurant and gave their idea a try. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

Today, Sweetgreen has stores in the major cities of the Northeast as well as their suburbs, including Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. The food has always continued to be fresh plus healthy, and most of the ingredients are purchased from purveyors and local farmers.

Nathaniel studied at Georgetown University’s MSB, where he graduated with a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree in Finance in the year 2007.

He’s the co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen; the brand has received lots of press accolades, including the CNBC, CBS, Washington, Bloomberg, Forbes, Food & Wine, USA Today, and Washington Post. Nathaniel has been in Forty Big Food Thinkers Under 40 by Food & Wine Magazine as well as 30 Under 30: Food & Wine by Forbes.

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