Securus Technologies Hunting Dangerous Criminals

When my agency gets the call that a violent criminal is roaming the streets, we drop everything and focus our efforts on preventing crimes and making the streets safer. The trouble that we had this week was this suspect we had to hunt was a loner, meaning he had no friends or family that could harbor or aid him to stay out of our reach. Knowing how violent this suspect was, we took every chance to utilize any resource in our arsenal.


There was little hope that an informant was going to come forward because it appeared he had gone deep in hiding. Without family and friends, he could be hiding somewhere in plain sight until the heat died down. If he was to wait us out, he could be up and out of the city undetected by morning light.


The local jail recently installed the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, and although we knew the suspect was on the loose, we thought we might be able to get an inmate to help point us in the right direction with little persuasion. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, they are currently in over two thousand jails, and the motto of the entire organization is to make the world safer for us all. This was the perfect resource for helping my team locate and capture a dangerous suspect.


Our presence must have really stirred the pot because those inmates were rushing to the phone and talking about our suspect hours after we left. We received an alert that our suspect was being discussed, and we listened carefully to what the inmates were saying. One inmate talked about how the suspect was as good as caught staying with an inmate’s sister, while another spoke about how he planned t leave the city the following week.


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