Betsy DeVos Is Appointed Secretary of Education to Help in Education Reforms

Behind the excitement in being elected the 11th secretary of education in the United States of America, is a hard working woman who has committed three decades to giving children and parents a voice to be heard in the education systems. Betsy is the current secretary of education. She has been a great brand ambassador for children. Her passion roots from developing reforms that helps the under-served children in gaining a high quality education. Betsy’s passion of improving the education systems in America began at a tender age through her mother, who was a teacher at a public school. At that age, she was confronted by reality.

Education Reforms

When she sent her children to school, she was surprised to discover that not all kids enjoyed the resources that other schools provide for students. It, therefore, meant that not all kids had the luxury to enjoy better education systems. A testament to her feeling on the subject of quality education, Betsy took it upon herself to develop better education systems. She saw the work of the leaders in her hometown while trying to develop education reforms for children. Through that, she decided to join the team in fighting for the American dream. Follow Betsy DeVos on


Fifteen years into her first step towards reforming the American education system, Betsy has been a school mentor for children who are at risk. She practices mentorship through Grand Rapids in Michigan, a group of public schools. Betsy has positive interactions with teachers, children, and leaders in the schools. She is a leader set out to encourage parents by empowering children. She has worked in support of creating new education systems across 25 states, in addition to the District of Columbia. After her appointment as the secretary for education, DeVos is set to work with President Trump closely. The aim of this close association is to develop equal opportunities of quality education to children in the United States of America.

State Of The Art Education

Betsy Devos is a firm believer in equality. She is of the opinion that the ZIP code of a child’s residence or the income of a child’s family should not determine the quality of education accessed. Betsy’s primary focus is getting a world-class system of education for all children in America. Her roles as the secretary of education include being an advocate for education reforms through the government. She is well placed to fight for the rights of children to access a state of the art school system.

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Education and Charity

Apart from being an education system reformist, Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist. She closely works with her husband Mr. Dick DeVos in offering millions to charity organizations. Before she hit news headlines for being appointed the secretary for education, Betsy was prominent for donating millions towards charity. The alumnus of Calvin College located in Grand Rapids is a bachelor holder of arts.

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