Arthur Becker Builds TRIBECA Building Under His Name

The sprawling expanse that is New York City is home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse neighborhoods. Within the boroughs themselves, each city block carries with it the individual flavor created by the people who choose to call New York City home. And as each neighborhood has its own unique storied past, each neighborhood is finding a new future with developments and development plans springing up in every part of the city.

The developments and the increase in value they bring to the neighborhoods they belong to have shifted some of New York’s roughest corners into diamonds.

In an article on Madison Partners, the newest development plan to spring up is happening in the trendy area of Tribeca and is funded by none other that Arthur Becker himself. The one-time investor and owner of a nut orchard has had his name associated with some of the biggest developments to take place in New York City within the last decade.

Though for his latest venture in Tribeca, Arthur Becker is carrying the weight himself. Becker is planning to build an eight-unit apartment complex in one New York’s trendiest neighborhoods. The development which plans to include a penthouse suite sitting atop the new building is expected to sell for over $50 million dollars.

Though that should come as no surprise to those who have been keeping an eye on the developer’s successful career. Becker has had his name attached to some of the most lucrative real estate developments throughout his entire career and has even invested an estimated $550 million in development within New York alone.

The development worth over $50 million happening in Tribeca is scheduled for a relatively short amount of time of construction in spite of the expensive price tag associated with the property.

Who is Arthur Becker?

According to, the man behind the latest development in Tribeca has almost as storied a past as the neighborhood. Originally finding success within real estate, particular the sale of 18th-century homes, Arthur Becker went on to find further success within the tech industry as CEO of two separate organizations. If you would like to learn more about Arthur Becker and his Tribeca development please visit

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