TechStyle & Adam Goldenberg are Two Names You Should Definitely Know About

Adam Goldenberg is a man who is familiar with success. He started tasting the fruit of the tree of success when he was a very young man. He sold his first company, The Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media in 1999 after only two years and in the process, Adam Goldenberg became one of the youngest executive officers in history. He then went on to found intelligent beauty with his business partner, Don Ressler, and out of that incredible success started JustFab, which has taken both the internet and the fashion industry by storm on His long string of successes has made him a man whose moves and advice are taken seriously in the high stakes corporate world of today, so much so that Built in LA just named him one of “The 3 CEO in LA that you Should know about Now”.

The success that Adam Goldenberg has had seems to be unstoppable, and JustFab is reaping the benefits of his business acumen in a big way. The startup, which introduced the VIP retail subscription model to the world, and which has recently became fully funded and cash flow positive, is currently rebranding itself as TechStyle. In a recent interview, Adam explained that with the growth of JustFab, and the acquisition and development of additional brands under the brand plate, it is necessary to rebrand into a new entity that is better suited and positioned to continue to expand on what is working so well with the company at

The new branding comes at a time when the company has seen its highest subscription rate ever, and after a recent retooling of its model to better accommodate the needs and preferences of its customers on Twitter. The changes are sure to be the tailwind that the company need to not only continue on the successful course that it has been on but to grow even bigger and more profitable as it continues to develop new brands in response to the changing fashion retail landscape.

The Advantages Of Being A Customer And Working For The Traveling Vineyard

Customers of the Traveling Vineyard are offered great convenience and free samples of wine.

Traveling salesman at The Traveling Vineyard, bring wine into your home for you to sample. The best part is that these wines are free for you to try. Another benefit is that the salesman or wine guides as they are officially known, will also bring along snacks and other foods that pair well with the wines as well. This will be free for you to sample as well.

As a customer of The Traveling Vineyard, wine guides will not only offer you the chance to sample wine at no cost and with no obligation to purchase, they will also educate you. You can find out which wines are best suited for dinner, with meat and cheese dishes and etc.

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The Traveling Vineyard is a company run by wine lovers for wine lovers. You will only be offered high quality wines that meet exceptional standards in taste, freshness and quality. All wine will also be delivered straight to your home and must be signed off to ensure actual delivery and freshness.

The Advantages Of Being A Salesman At The Traveling Vineyard

Salesman at The Traveling Vineyard are free to set their own schedules. There is no fixed schedule that must be adhered to. You can work only on the weekends, on weekdays or whenever you feel like it. Another perk is that wine guides at The Traveling Vineyard are provided with samples of wine to share with their customers.

Drinking wine and food that pairs with it is perhaps one of the best benefits of the job. You get paid to drink wine with your customers. Another advantages is that becoming a wine guide is very easy and and has a low down payment or cost to get started.

Richard Blair Offers Unbiased Advice Through Wealth Solutions

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is creating a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. He is the founder of the financial firm, based in Austin.

He and his company give clients financial and investment advice, providing each client with passionate knowledge. Richard Blair’s passion for finance and helping others stems from his upbringing.

Many of Blair’s relatives were involved in the world of teaching. His wife, grandmother, and mother were all teachers, instilling in him the idea of teaching helping to grow confidence and knowledge inside someone else. He grew up combining his passion for helping people and finances, graduating from college in 1993.

He had a natural gift for the world of finance, knowing he would have to venture out on his own to truly help people with financial planning and investments.

Just a year after graduating from college, Blair founded his own independent firm, Wealth Solutions. He is now registered CAS, CFS, CES, and RICP with over 20 years of financial experience.

He knew he would need his own space to give clients his objective, unbiased advice without any conflicts of interest that sprang from working for others. His retirement planning experience has sharpened over the years, specializing in helping clients to diminish the gap between a client’s plan for retirement and their plan for living in it.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is fully registered to give clients personalized and comprehensive financial planning services. As an Investment Advisory Firm, they cater to a wide variety of individuals, from rick families to small business owners. Based in the Austin, Texas area, they offer their services to areas like Georgetown, Bastrop, New Braunfels, and Houston.

With so many changes frequently happening within the financial markets, Wealth Solutions believes in giving their clients strong, sound financial strategies that can change and adapt to that ever-changing environment. The firm offers both conservative and dynamic solutions for investment strategies and the team offers clients advice that looks at minimizing risks as much as possible.

Wealth Solutions offers clients a way to grow and manage their own assets, while still offering them high-level protections. Clients are able to find a true partner with Wealth Solutions, with Richard Blair at the helm to create a team of people they can trust to manage their financial resources and needs.

Richard Blair and his team can also take all the guesswork out of retirement. Wealth Solutions works when clients don’t have time to.

Arthur Becker: The Man With Many Talents

Arthur Becker is a talented businessman with various interests. He has shown his love for bio and information technology and at the same time running a real estate company. Arthur firmly believes in communication and executing excellent strategies. In an interview with US Magazine, Mr Becker points out that as the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC, he welcomes the opinions of his colleagues in order to come up with outstanding projects that are pleasant to his clients. His interests and passions are wide and spends a great deal of time reading in order to understand the various sectors that he is involved in. he is currently studying cancer and its treatment which he incorporates in his bio technology field.

In addition to being an executive leader at Madison Becker is also the acting CEO and chairman of the world’s largest digital newsstand, Zinio LLC. Together with his partner, he began the company and oversees that the company provides an array of magazines to clients all over the world from their smartphones and tablets. Becker has a clear understanding of the globe businesses and marketing and uses this information to guide his company to expand beyond the horizons.

Arthur Becker is of few words. However, when he speaks he impacts knowledge to the listeners. He beseeches business people to take time in considering their employees. He is an ardent believer in talent identification and motivation. He advises employers to seek to inspire their clients and cultivate good relations with them. By fostering communication, he believes that innovative ideas can easily to expressed and introduced.

Arthur Becker( a degree in business administration from Bennington College and uses this knowledge in guiding his company to prosperity. He also worked at Atlantic Investors LLC as the managing member. His experiences and education have forged a path for his success.

There are few people who multitask in business and succeed. Most individuals find themselves concentrating on one field and being great at it. However, Arthur Becker inspires individuals with various interests to put concentrate on their passions and shows that one can succeed especially if they are really interested and focused.