Doe Deere Helps Lead The World Of Online Makeup Selling

Leadership is a quality that does not always come easy to many people. Some people look at the world and aren’t sure where to begin. Others see the world and decide to dive right in. One person who has done her best to dive in and demonstrate her own leadership skills is makeup expert Doe Deere. Deere understands that leadership means being unafraid to step forward and take charge. She also understands that leadership also means being able to have a vision and see it through at the same time. Her work has been focused on the process of creating a company of her own. Her work has also been focused on seeing her company take a leadership role in the world of online retail makeup selling. This is where has helped Lime Crime grow from a single idea in her own head to something that has flourished and established a highly respected retail presence.


Going With The Moment


Deere has always loved makeup. Growing up, she realized that makeup could be the key to self-expression and a way for her to discover her own inner feelings. As she has matured, she realized that she could find a place in this field that she could truly make her own directly. It was this revelation that has been the impetus for her to create a truly impressive company. What was once a thought in her head has developed into a company that serves the needs of consumers all over the world. She has turned a single idea into something that others can share in directly. Her own philosophy is based on many ideas. Perhaps the most important is going with the moment and being unafraid. She knows that it is important not to get caught up in fears that might otherwise get in the way.


Bringing A Vision To life


It was from the first moment that inspiration struck her that she knew she had to take on the world of makeup. She realized that she could offer something that no one else could when it came selling online makeup. Her own ideas about this product also showed her the best way to help sell it to consumers. Rather than simply presenting the makeup via a shade, she showed it off in many ways. Since that time, her fans have followed her as she has shown them how they can purchase makeup right in the comfort of their own home. It was this willingness to move fast and respond to changing customer conditions that allowed her to know she could bring something special. Her leadership skills have been honed ever since that time in the respected world of online makeup selling.

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Securus Technologies Has An Outstanding Reputation In The Technology Industry

The use of the media to send out information has been a tactic used by companies in the business world for many years. There are a lot of ways that the media can send out information related to companies. One of the most effective ways is the press release. While there are methods that are very popular today such as social media, the press release is a proven method that can deliver specific information to almost any segment of the public.


The messages that companies can send out to the public can be written in the manner that the companies want the messages to appear. The press release gives companies total control over what is viewed by the public.


Most press releases are short messages that deliver information about companies in a structured format. This format has been used for years regarding press releases. The format works very well. In addition, most releases are usually about the particular company that sends out the press release. However, some press releases contain information about another company.


Recently GTL sent out a press release that contained accusations about Securus Technologies regarding a technology ownership dispute between the two companies. In response to the press release, Securus Technologies sent out its own press release to counter the accusations made by GTL. I think that the way Securus Technologies handled the situation was very effective.


Securus Technologies  is a company that primarily serves the public safety market regarding technology related products and services. The company has a loyal following of clients that purchase a wide variety of products and services from the company.


Advantages of Diversifying Investment Portfolio with Precious Gold | US Money Reserve

Precious gold is one the most coveted metals on global markets used by investors and future retirees for long-term or short-term profits. People purchase bars and coins for various reasons; including to diversify and balance investment portfolios and as collectibles. Since the gold standard ended in 1971, the commodity metal marked a time in history the price of gold increased consistently. Although, economic conditions and interest rates influence whether the price of gold goes up or down, many hedge fund managers and investors rely on it as a safe haven. Gold volatility in 2016 didn’t have an impact on the purchase of gold among traders because of its advantages.



Investors invest into gold primarily for diversification of existing investment portfolio to meet their long-term goals and safeguard overall invested assets. The objective is to enhance and protect performance of an investment portfolio by allocating two percent up to 10 percent to gold coins and bars. Today, working Americans are moving their 401K and IRA into self-directed precious metals IRAs to diversify portfolios and have complete control of their assets. Gold holds its value and is easily convertible to cash in most countries and continents. Its liquidity has the advantage of providing needed income during extreme inflation and economic crisis.



The best advantage of gold investment is that it hedges against inflation which causes the value to rise and stability. In 2017, sources are predicting gold is the best investment with the highest turnaround when the SPDR Gold Trust ETF GLD – 0.62 percent is used as a proxy. It reveals there is an increase in gold by seven percent in 2016. Experienced investors know the best time to invest into gold and other precious metals by observing global economies conditions. The best time to purchase gold is when a nation’s currency devalues due to inflation and a decline in the stock market.



Leading government-issued coins distributor, US Money Reserve is trustworthy and reliable in helping investors and savers select valuable metals. Business Consumer Alliance gives one of largest distributors in the world the highest rating of AAA for practicing ethnically and honestly. Their reliable precious metal experts are very helpful to assist with selecting gold bullion coins and bars to buy or start a self-directed precious metals IRA. US Money Reserve’s bullion coins are the best liquidity investment to meet short-term goals.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Contributions in Cancer Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a researcher and scientists who has keen interests in the study of aging and cancer. His passion and interests began after he obtained his M.D in internal medicine. He went ahead to with his studies at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Peterburg where he obtained a PhD in experimental medicine and also, cardiology.

Currently, Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology professor at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute, an institution founded to help in the reduction of cancer challenges that patients face each day. Before that, Mikhail Blagosklonny worked at New York Medical College from 2002 to 2009, where he was the associate professor of medicine. He also worked at Ordway Research Institute as the senior scientist. His work experience, research and study in oncology and aging have given him an upper hand in the two fields.

Being a researcher, Mikhail Blagosklonny has used his determination in the formulation of his hypothesis on regarding the role played by TOR signaling in cancer and aging. Mikhail argues that by using rapamycin to cancer patients, they can increase their life expectancy with the drug. He is fully dedicated to his hypothesis and committed to prove his hypothesis right.

In addition to being a professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny is also an editor. He is a proficient and talented editor in chief of Aging, Oncotarget and Cell Cycle journals. Moreover, he also edits for the Cancer Biology and Therapy. His efforts and dedication have also been realized by the board of Cell Death and Differentiation where he is named as one of the editorial board members. He has several publications that he has edited and continues to gain more popularity from the works he has been involved in in science. See:

Mikhail Blagosklonny has made a name for himself in the publication sector. He has over two hundred and seventy published peer reviewed journals. He has gained so much credibility by being cited by other researchers and authors in the medical and scientific field. His continued involvement in research and oncology studies has made him an important scientist within the study of cancer and aging.